for Kerr County Commissioner Precinct One
Full Time Effort - Proactive - Community Based 
"I am committed in working for you; the constituent, my neighbor, and the fellow residents of Kerr County."  
"Hello, my name is Konrad Wert and I sincerely feel called in becoming your next Commissioner here in Precinct One, Kerr County Texas.  As a hill country, local school teacher for nearly 13  years, and living a life commitment in social services for an additional 8, my 20 plus years of experience in public service has taught me that it is far better to listen to one another in order to best serve one another.  Most importantly, I believe our local elected officials are there to work diligently in serving all of Kerr County residents, with a focus and ability eager to support and collaborate with one another." 

Friends and Neighbors we need your support!  If you feel it is time for positive change in Precinct One please sign up to volunteer or contribute.  It does indeed take everyone's effort to inspire change and collaboration.  We greatly appreciate your support. 


1. Full Time Effort

 A full time salary demands a full time effort in working for Kerr County Constituents.  "If the County is allocating $62,000 annually, then Commissioners should be expected to dedicate and prioritize their time in meeting the needs and demands of their constituents."

3. Community 
Collaboration & Support - Konrad prides himself in collaborating with others, as shown by his nearly 20 years of experience as an educator, volunteer, and advocate for students and families.  "I have proven my abilities in actively listening and collaborating with others of differing opinions and mindset.  The answer is not to simply offend, object, and complain, but rather support, listen, ask questions, learn, and move forward together." 
5. Proactive
 Ideas & Solutions - In order to be an effective Commissioner, Konrad believes that one must look at local concerns and potential problems in a proactive manner. "We cannot simply wait for a problem to occur or last minute decision to be made regarding agendas, infrastructure, emergency services, etc. but rather, we should be educating and planning ahead with ideas and solutions to best address the variety of needs coming forth.  

2. Transparency

"Both state statutes and the very ethics of becoming an elected official, demand that we are accountable to our voters.  If elected, I will prioritize weekly communication with constituents in the format of group virtual meetings and as requested by the individual, in addition to the required County Commissioner's Court.  We answer to you, the voter."
4. Objective
Policy Making decisions that directly effect Kerr County should be focused on local issues, not national or political arguments which repeatedly divide us as a nation.  "Our needs here in Precinct 1 have very little to do with the polarizing rhetoric heard up in Washington D.C.  Our focus should be addressing Kerr County's needs, not on issues driven by politics coming from career politicians."
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